Where finance is made into a fun adventure

Whether you have savings or nothing at all, we can help regardless.

The journey towards the Goodlife is one that is oh-so relaxing and smooth.

Just pull those windows down and let that cool air hit your face. This fresh feeling is the Goodlife just over the horizon.

According to our map, we have just arrived at a little stepping stone to freedom called finance. For this part of the adventure, you need an experienced guide at the wheel… someone to see around corners and help you to steer clear of the potholes.

Whether you have savings or nothing at all, we can help regardless.

Our in-house team of experts have options for every West Aussie looking to build!

At Goodlife, our in-house finance team, Central Lending Solutions, specialise in finance for development, construction and building. They have a portfolio of over 35 lenders, making it a nice cool breeze to find an option that suits you and your situation.

From helping you qualify for a home loan, to taking care of your First Home Buyers Grant application (if you qualify) and looking after everything else in between; we work closely with our finance team to make the process smooth and easy for you, so all you need to think about is the housewarming party! Remember, we guide, you decide.

To add to the Good news, we have access to great options including Keystart, no deposit or low deposit loans and guarantor home loans!

The Goodlife way

  • You get to decide the layout
  • You get to choose the colours
  • You get to choose the décor
Best of all, it is your own home!

Good riddance rent

Currently, how much are you paying in rent per week?

Who knows, you might be homeowner ready! Find out just how much you are paying your landlord, and see if this can go towards your own home!

No deposit and low deposit home loans

No savings at all or not quite at the 5% deposit mark? No dramas, you’re not alone! We have helped countless homeowners with zilch in their bank account and we still got them into their own home.

If you aren’t able to show genuine savings or don’t have the full 5% deposit, we have alternative solutions, like no deposit and low deposit home loans.

Stamp duty concessions

The Good news only gets better! If you are a first homebuyer you are exempt from paying Stamp Duty on land less than $300,000! How’s that for winning?!

Find out more about Stamp Duty concessions.

When the fam pulls through! Guarantor home loans

When push comes to shove, our family is always there to come through when we need them most. Guarantor home loans are a common option, where you request a family member to help you get your loan over the line from lenders. The best part? They don’t have to put any money down (as long as you are a Good person with your repayments).

First Home Owners Deposit Scheme

Did you know? In 2020, the Government introduced the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme to assist first home buyers get into their own home sooner.

The Good news only gets better… you can use this scheme in conjunction with the First Home Owners Grant. Life should be full of wins like this.

A key to a Good start: Keystart home loans

The stuff our parents’ dreams were made of! Keystart is a Western Australian Government scheme that provides low deposit home loans with no Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), to help you get into your own slice of real estate sooner.

At Goodlife Homes, your Goodlife team ensures you have an option! That is why our own in-house finance team can help you apply for a Keystart loan (if that is that path that suits you).

Do you qualify? Try our finance quiz!

Some people might be using the next 5-minutes to scroll through their social media feed. You on the other hand are about to find out if you can be a proud homeowner! How exciting is that?

Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Are you ready to find out?

Let’s get a cuppa and talk about the freedom of finance

Trust us, finance is the most fun part of this adventure! We would love to have a chat and to explore your options. Coffee’s on us!

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