Goodlife Homes is proudly part of the Gemmill Homes Group. We know quality and assurance is important to you and that's why we've streamlined our services to deliver you the same quality, trades, suppliers and administration team that you've come to expect from the Gemmill Homes Group. We offer more than other builders in the market including our trademarked My Home providing updates on your home building process. So whether you're starting out, looking to downsize or an astute investor looking to maximise your potential return then come speak with us.


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Exclusive to Goodlife Homes, My Home is a website application which allows you to check the progress of your new home throughout the construction process. You can use this simple portal to make enquiries, to view warranties and manuals pertaining to your home and to book a 180 day post-construction survey. But the onus isn’t entirely on you. My Home will send you automatic notifications via text or email to let you know when important milestones are reached. Now you can keep track of your home’s construction on your PC, laptop or mobile device from just about anywhere.

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There are many firsts when you buy your new home - it's your first venture into the residential market, your first big investment and your first mortgage. It can certainly be a daunting prospect, which is why we take the time to understand your circumstances with a view to finding the right type of loan to ensure your peace of mind. We offer an in-house finance service employing qualified finance brokers with exceptional knowledge in their chosen fields. With access to over 30 different lending institutions and with over 400 financing options at our fingertips and no ties to any of the major banks, finding a loan with repayments that suit you is our number one priority. Whether you are a first home buyer or seasoned investor - our finance team can find the best possible loan to suit your circumstances.

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Goodlife Homes is part of the Gemmill Homes Group of companies. We specialise in building new homes for first time buyers and those entering the property investment market in Perth. We can also help ‘empty nesters’ to downsize from a large family home to something smaller and easier to maintain. Goodlife Homes is an award winning builder in its own right and offers the same levels of experience, expertise and quality as our parent company. Materials, trades, suppliers and project management skills are all of the highest possible standards, ensuring you receive the home you wanted in a reasonable timeframe and at an affordable price.

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All reputable home builders will honour the statutory warranty period of six years. But, at Goodlife Homes, we extend our structural guarantee period to a full 25 years. This means that if anything happens that negatively affects the structure of your home within a quarter of a century after its completion, it will be assessed and rectified if it can be proven to be the fault of Goodlife Homes. Obviously there are conditions. The guarantee doesn’t cover earthquakes, severe weather damage, sinkholes etc. but it provides you with long-term peace of mind. Goodlife Homes will also remedy any maintenance issues which may occur due to building settlement in the first six months after completion. Simply book a free 180 day survey and one of our experts will visit you and give your new home a health check.