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Key to a Goodlife? This is a Good Start.

Becoming a homeowner has never been easier! Several decades ago, you would have been told that you need to have a massive deposit or else sorry – no finance. Well, these days, you have options!

Want a Good start to your finance? Here is the Key you have been looking for! Meet Keystart, a superb home loan option that our parents wish they had.

What is Keystart you ask? We are glad you asked!

Keystart is a Western Australian Government scheme that provides low deposit home loans with no Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), to help you get into your own slice of real estate sooner.

At Goodlife Homes, your Goodlife team ensures you have an option! That is why our own in-house finance team can help you apply for a Keystart loan (if that is the path that suits you).

What makes Keystart soooo... Good?

  • You can apply for a loan with a 0% deposit.
  • No savings, no problem – if you’re a first home buyer you can use the $10K FHOG grant towards your deposit.
  • You will save thousands by not paying Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).
  • Keystart is available to first and non-first home buyers alike – you can apply for a Keystart loan even if this is not your first home.

Keystart is definitely the key that unlocks so much potential! With such a sweet deal, you can imagine that it is not for everyone. There is an eligibility criteria and it is worth noting that there’s an income cap in order to qualify. However, what is the Goodlife without a little Good news? Recently, the income limits to be eligible for a Keystart loan have increased, making it even easier to get into your own home!

The current income limits are:

  • Singles: $105,000 (previously $90,000)
  • Couples: $130,000 (previously $115,000)
  • Families: $155,000 (previously $135,000)

And the Good news keeps on coming! This offer from Keystart has been extended until June 2021 – have a chat to our finance team today and see if this is for you.

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