Let us unpack the First Home Owner Grant

FHOG you say? Tell me more…

We are sure you have heard the words, First Home Owner Grant, or FHOG floating around. Maybe your mates have dropped it in a sentence or you saw a sneaky ad on social media.

What is this fancy sounding term? How do you get your hands on it? What is the dollar value? We are glad you asked – because you know how we love answering your questions!

The First Home Owner Grant is a WA Government initiative that assists first home builders get into their first home.

To put it simply, the grant is a one-off $10,000 payment that you receive if you tick all the boxes and meet all the eligibility requirements. Think of it as a gift to you, for being a first home owner!

The grant is only available to first home buyers purchasing or building a new home. It’s not available for those who want to buy an established home.

Do I qualify for the FHOG?

This grant may be for you if…

  • You’re 18 years or older

  • You’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident

  • You and/or your spouse have never owned a residential property in Australia

  • You occupy the home you buy as a principal place of residence for a continuous period of 6 months – commencing within 12 months of completion of the home.

Some Good finance

Dollars and cents? You need not worry, put us to work so you can enjoy the Goodlife. We have a dedicated in-house finance team that can guide you through the entire process and make finance a fun part of the home building journey.

Check out if you are eligible for the First Home Owner Grant! Who knows, you may also be eligible for stamp duty concessions too!

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